Block and Heads

Block and Heads

So, you want to build a hot period correct smallblock with a few unseen modern updates? Well here is how we are doing it. We are starting with a very interesting complete long block that came from SoCal. We are not quite sure what it is, but we know its pretty damn cool.

First up is the C4OE 5 bolt HiPo block dated 4F17. It is marked PB 5991. We have checked this with Bob Mannel and Lynn Park. This means there is a small chance it may be an original Cobra block from a car in the 2076-2190 range for which the engine documentation is incomplete. Or, it could be from a Fairlane. Who knows, but lets see where this goes…

The crank is grooved which seems a bit odd for a Fairlane unless the owner was a very serious dragracer.

Then we come to the 3C6 and 3H15 heads which feature a very nice porting job and happen to be stamped “Rogers Porting Service, Hollywood, Calif.” Interestingly, this is the company that Shelby American used for porting all of their early team race heads. Again, a bit extreme for a Fairlane.

What this boils down to is pretty simple. If this isn’t an original Cobra Comp motor, it was at least built at the same time as the comp motors and right alongside of them. If we could prove it belonged to a particular car, that is where it should go. But that is not the case, so what we have is a great motor for this build.


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