Aluminum T10 castings

One of the most important parts of doing the drivetrain correctly on this car was the use of an aluminum T10. Original have become hard to find, very expensive and have a tendency to pop out of gear. A few years ago we decided it was time to do something about this and took on the task of casting our own T10 cases in partnership with Cobra racer/mechanic/historian/mad scientist  Bill Murray of The Shelby American Collection and Larry Miller Racing.  This project took some time and effort, but the results have been excellent. We now have T10L and M cases and tailshafts that are externally exact reproductions, and internally “beefed up” in all of the critical areas.  Also worth noting is the fact that they are 100%  cast, machined and Made in the USA.

Lucky for us Phil Remington was visiting when we were inspecting the castings and pressing the tailshaft bushings. Phil, on top of his game as usual, jumped right in to give us a hand. Phil recently celebrated his 90th and there are some great articles about his life and accomplishments over at Dany Gurneys All American Racers, where he still goes to work every day.


























Here are the completed castings. The transmissions will be built with blueprinted using an original high nickel close ratio gearset that has been treated to the isotropic micro finishing process. More on this later!