Limited run 1965-66 Koni GT350 reissued shocks



Limited run 1965-66 Koni GT350 reissued shocks
We have a limited supply of this special single production run of shocks built to the original 65-66 blueprints for the early small block cars. All Koni Shocks produced since 1967 have been valved for the heavier big block cars and are approximately 25% too stiff for the 65-66 289 cars.
It took great effort to get these made and they will not be made again.
These shocks feature:
-Much more accurate color
-Correct 82-1326 and 82-1327 part numbers
-Correct body dimensions
-Correct shaft and valving for early cars
-Billet front eyelet bolt down “bar”
Shocks are now only available properly modified with
-Correct paint (slightly more brown) and water transfer decals with clear coat.
-Correct forged front eyelet hold down “bar”
This is for the base price of  $1450
For another $400 we will also replace the top Eye with the proper early 65 “closed eye” and bushing.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 8 in