We provide restoration services, drawing on our 40+ years experience in the Shelby and Cobra restoration and parts business.

In addition to the listed component restoration services we also perform full “nut-and-bolt” restorations, high performance “driver” restorations and modifications as well as car “freshening” and drivetrain building/rebuilding. Please contact us to see when you car will fit into our schedule.

Power Brake Booster (2005)

This is one item that’s a BEAR to take out if it’s not working right, especially in a big block. We have a guy that’s been fixing them since the first Mustang rolled off the line. Rebuilt, tested, epoxy primered and authentic look. $225.00 + time and materials if booster is pitted and you want it refinished.

Disc Brake Calipers (2B120-2B121)

There’s two ways you can handle this sticky problem. The ultimate way is to have them redone with all stainless steel pistons, sleeves and miscellaneous other goodies. We have been a stainless steel brake company dealer forever so that wouldn’t be a problem. The other way is to make them look authentic by disassembly, re-cad plating, new seal kits, new authentic transfer tubes and new pistons when needed.

65-67 Authentic Restored Calipers. $425.00/pair with core, $925 without core

We also supply a complete line of disc & drum brake parts for 65-70 Mustangs, including the finest pre-bent brake and fuel lines available! Email us for a quote.

Steering Box (3504)

This includes zinc phosphating the case, cad plating the cover, breather and locknut, press-in new shaft needle bearings, new ball bearings and races, new seals, smooth out sector and gear teeth, reassemble using Premium moly grease. Concourse bare metal $395.00. Spray weld and remachine gears is an extra $50.

Power Steering Control Valve (3A730)
Rebuild, shot peen parts to bare metal, cosmoline bare metal, and test. $150.00

Power Steering Cylinder Ram (3A540)

Rebuild, shot peen to bare metal, cosmoline, and test. $125.00

Driveshafts (4602)
Our driveshafts are made with brand new tubing for that NOS Look.
We install new U-Joints, rephosphate slip yolk and shaft ends. Factory striping and crayon marks along with cosmoline to keep from rusting. Balancing done at extra charge however we recommend no balance weights on a concours trailered car! Email for price.

Engines (6009)

We have built all sorts of engines, from “factory correct” 427 Cobra FE’s and Concourse Shelby small blocks, to all aluminum dry-sump 750+hp monsters.   We also can supply rebuilt engines for virtually all applications for Shelby American Cars and early mustangs, as well as Late model Modulars and 5.0 Coyote’s.  Send us an email!

Valve Cover, Oil Pan and Intake Manifold Repair

We can’t quote an exact price on any cast aluminum restoration until we see the part but we can tell you we can make your Buddy Bar Valve covers look better than NOS. We can also repair most cracked castings to look like new! Email us and tell us what you need done!

Seat Belts
We can restore your Shelby seat belts! Service includes new webbing, replating, new labels, and new leathers!

65/66 Competition Seat belts
Chromed $695.00/set
Cadplated $550.00/set

67-69 Send us an email!